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Africans in Italy

There was a mammoth crowd of Nigerians and other African lovers of Nollywood movies in Parma when the screen diva Liz Benson recently visited the city.

The actress who has now turned into an evangelist and married Bishop Great Ameye, was in the city to participate at this year’s women convention of the Trinity International Christian Center (TICC) Parma.

The respected thespian who has lost count of movies she had featured in granted an exclusive interview to Africa News in which she addressed different issues ranging from the Boko Haram, developments in Nollywood, her engagement as an evangelist and on her marriage.

On Nollywood

There have been an encouraging advancement and improvement in the Nollywood and this is being appreciated the world over as it has earned Nigeria considerable accolades and tends to overshadow some vices that are drawing the nation backward.

Aside from this, Nollywood is a major employment platform for so many young and talented Nigerians. The coming and discovery of new cinema equipment and devices have improved the shooting and editing of films.

On her participation in new movies

Though, the possibility of my returning to the Nollywood is certainly unlikely, I am not ruling out the possibility of floating a Christian drama ministry that may form part of my husband, Bishop Great Ameye’s healing ministry. Be that as it may, God’s work is not such that when you have not received the spiritual go-ahead you can move. One needs to really be sure that it’s God leading one to do it. Not like the secular work or scenario that with a beautiful face and good diction and intonation you can force yourself in.

I cannot say I missed Nollywood since I stopped, though I still receive invitations from producers and script writers but for now, any script that is not premised on the propagation and advancement of my faith in Christ or which is not Bible rooted is out of my consideration.
On Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria

It is quite unfortunate that this is happening to our beloved country at a time like this but to me it is the fulfilment of the scripture which states that when the end time is coming, a lot of horrible things like this will be happening. It is a challenge to our collective faith as Christians and Nigerians to pray for peace to reign. Though the Boko Haram issue has now transcended a religious intolerance level and has assumed a terrorist and religious pogrom dimension, I strongly believe and have faith that God can still contain it and expose the perpetrators.

On the killing of Christians in northern part of Nigeria

We should not deceive ourselves; religious killing is not just beginning in the northern part of Nigeria. We remember the Zango-Kataf riot, the beheading of Gideon Akaluka, an Igbo Christian trader, the Jos riot among others. It is something that has been happening in the northern part of Nigeria for long, yet I don’t see it breaking the country or making the northern Christians to denounce their faith. To me, it only challenges the Christians to pray the more and the government to ensure the safety of lives and properties of all Nigerians wherever they choose to live in the country as enshrined in the Constitution.

On her husband

As you can see, my husband is a minister of the word, a man of God and a servant in the vineyard of Christ. Together with him, we are taking the Gospel to the needy, proclaiming the word of God to the lost sheep, giving hopes to the hopeless, delivering through the word of God the captives and healing the sick by the grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ. We got married in the year 2009. Though I had become an evangelist before we got married, I see myself as a helpmate to him to deliver the mandate of God.

By Iyanda Olufemi