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Moremi makes risk management entertaining

Joachim Adenusi is one of the leading authorities in promoting and implementing holistic performance-based Enterprise Risk Management across the UK.

As the Head of Risk Management at Essex Council, one of the largest UK organizations, Mr. Adenusi introduced and implemented effective risk management initiatives which earned the organisation the highly recommended European Strategic Risk Management Award.

He was nominated for implementing the ‘Best Risk Management Approach in the Public Sector’ in 2007, the ‘Best Risk Communication of the Year’ in 2008, and the UK Risk Manager of the Year Award in 2009. Mr. Adenusi has a degree in Actuarial Science and a postgraduate diploma in Actuarial Science from City University (Cass Business School), London, and an MSc in Risk Management from Glasgow Caledonian Business School, Scotland. He is a chartered insurance practitioner (ACII), a Fellow and former Director of the Institute of Risk Management (IRM), and he is currently advising major UK financial services and underwriters on the process of implementing and embedding Solvency II requirements.

In this exclusive interview with The AfroNews he explains how he came up with Moremi programme and how it can benefit people in different fields.

Adenusi, why did you decide to create Risk Edutainment – Moremi?

Risk management is not considered the most exciting subject in the world, and yet I find it incredibly fascinating. I was looking for a way to communicate my passion for the subject and help organisations and individuals enjoy managing risks.

I have always believed in doing things a bit differently – I thought that if I could draw from my background to use story-telling and art to educate on this subject, I could create a training course that would be practical, innovative, interactive, entertaining, and especially inspiring.

What would you say is the unique aspect of Risk Edutainment – Moremi, what makes it different from other programmes?

Risk Edutainment - Moremi is a unique combination of original African history and exciting fiction. The play (which is named after the heroine of the story) makes use of contemporary and professional language in an African setting to capture the audience and take them deep into the ancient West African city of Ile-Ife, where they will have the opportunity to learn how to make highly effective decisions in difficult times – right in the comfort of the training room.

Moremi is different because it encourages delegates to “think outside the box”. Most people manage risks in their everyday lives without realising it, but they struggle with it at work for different reasons. Applying formal risk management techniques to an informal story in this way helps people to experience risk management in a new way. Risk edutainment makes risk management come alive for delegates and hopefully helps them see that it is not as boring, tedious or as scary as they might have expected.

Have you experimented it?

Yes we have.

What reactions have you received from those who have tried it?

The reactions have so far been really positive and certainly encouraging. We have received comments from our participants hailing the approach as being innovative and exciting. More so, most of our delegates have said that the course inspired them and made the subject come to life for them in a whole new way.

How do you plan to implement the training programme?

At the moment the course is offered in two ways – as an in-house course or as an open course at our training centre for which anyone can register via our website or by phone.

Who can best benefit from Risk Edutainment – Moremi?

Corporate Directors (Executive & Non Executive); Banks, Insurance and other financial services Directors, Senior Managers & Staff; Public and Private Sector Senior Management Teams & Staff; Elected Political Leaders, Local Council Leaders & Members and Ministers, Commissioners, Senior Civil Servants and Government Officials.

From your experience, are African managers good at risk management?

It is difficult to say whether African managers are good at risk management or not. The most important thing is that whoever comes to the understanding of the benefits and added value of using risk management skills to make key decisions will experience the difference in their organisations.

Would you say that African leaders are good at risk management?

Just as I said in my previous response, African leaders can become more effective in minimising threats and maximising opportunities by actively applying Enterprise Risk Management thinking in setting strategic goals, driving performance, wealth creation, ensuring security, developing the economy and creating an environment not only conducive for their citizens, but that will also be attractive to foreigners.  
Any other comments?

We will be officially launching the Risk Edutainment - Moremi programme on 23rd February 2012 in Central London. It will be a night of cultural edutainment where the full Moremi film (45 minutes) will be shown to an audience of directors and executives. The event is open to managers, directors and chief executives of public sector and private organisations who have an interest in implementing risk management strategies within their organisation. Please contact us for more details (Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Also, we have decided to contribute part of the proceeds from this training programme to charities and organisations working towards the developments of African communities. I have a dream that one day this programme will not only assist organisations globally, but will inspire many Africans in developing the concept of good governance, effective risk management and sound internal control systems supporting the development of our sleeping  continent.

You can find out more about the Moremi programme and IRMS Ltd by visiting

By Stephen Ogongo Ongong’a