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Joachim Adenusi creates risk edutainment programme with an African folklore twist

African drumbeat is finally finding its way out of the dance halls into boardrooms. However, its mission is not to destruct the executives from focusing on their businesses. African drumbeat is actually getting in there to help them manage risks in an innovative manner, doing so in an African style – working happily.

This is what Risk Edutainment - Moremi aims to achieve. This new programme innovatively uses classical African folklore, performed by professional actors and actresses live or via interactive DVD, to teach the core principles of risk management, governance, leadership, and performance management in a training environment.

Created by Joachim Adenusi, the public sector 2009 Risk Manager of the Year and Former Director of the Institute of Risk Management (IRM), this cutting-edge training programme aims to “inject life and inspiration” into the sometimes dull world of risk management.

Mr. Adenusi, who is also an Executive Director of Inspirational Risk & Management Solutions (IRMS) Ltd. a risk management solutions firm, was inspired to develop the Moremi play after producing a risk training DVD during his time as the Head of Risk Management at Essex County Council.

Mr. Adenusi believes that the course will inspire top decision makers “to see the benefits of using risk managing skills as a decision-making tool. It will enable organisations to see the links between strategy, risk, performance and reward, encouraging them to begin addressing the cultural issues in most organisations.”

The course which has already been rolled out to various organisations on a trial basis, has been hailed as “an exciting alternative to more traditional approaches to risk management training” by Glasgow Caledonian University.

By Stephen Ogongo Ongong’a