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British education failing Black students

Majority of black people live in the most deprived neighbourhoods in the UK

UK black university students who receive the poorest quality education are facing the prospect of being charged the highest fees.

The British racial divide between black and white just became a yawning chasm. The publication of university league tables and an analysis of student fees reveal a grim picture for black young people in the UK.

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What's Another Year?

2011 is the International Year for People of African Descent

2011 has been designated by the UN as the International Year for People of African Descent.  But what, asks Frances Mensah Williams, are we going to do with it?

In 2009, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed the year beginning on 1 January 2011 as the International Year for People of African Descent.

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Music, Milestones and Memories

altMusic can take you back to a better time and put you in a better space, says Frances Mensah Williams

The recent deaths of musicians whose names evoke powerful memories and the reported illness of the legend that is Aretha, has had me wondering about the power of music and its ability both to bring back old memories and to motivate new behaviour.

I’ve been accused of breaking into song (tuneless, but what can you do?) during a conversation each time a word or phrase brings a song to mind.  A very annoying habit, says Daughter Number One, unwittingly giving me yet another good reason for continuing to do it.  And after all, I reason, I didn’t get to live thus far without having built up a huge repertoire of songs and their associated memories.

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Stop sending girls to Europe to be sexually used and abused

It is shameful to see how families in Nigeria collude voluntarily in a new slavery

Barcelona August 2002: A long, lonely, lingering illness in a Spanish hospital, a once beautiful young body, wasted and emaciated by contagious diseases, a recent past that had included horrific sexual mutilation of her genital and anal areas and finally, death alone one morning and burial by strangers in an unmarked mass paupers grave on the outskirts of Barcelona. This was the fate of one of the hundreds of young Nigerian girls who have flocked to this part of Spain over the last 10 years.

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Women Are Not an Issue

Am I the only one who is tired of having to justify why women matter, asks Frances Mensah Williams. Surely the value of a woman should be a no-brainer

March 8th was International Women’s Day and I am trying to stay upbeat about where we are as women, but having a hard time doing so.

International Women’s Day was a global day of recognition and celebration of women and in many countries it was an official holiday. 2011 is the global centenary year, commemorating 100 years since International Women’s Day was first marked.

As another year passes, in some areas women continue to make progress and to chart new gains and achievements.  But, in many other areas, the benefits that women can bring to business and to service is being undervalued and underutilised.


In a recent report, the United States Government Accountability Office found that, in all but three of the 13 industries covered by the report, women had a smaller share of management positions than they did of that industry’s overall work force. The sectors where women were more heavily represented in management than outside of it were construction, public administration and transportation and utilities.

Across the industries, while the gender gap in managers’ pay “narrowed slightly” over the past decade, even after adjusting for demographic differences, the reality is that female full-time managers earned 81 cents for every dollar earned by male full-time managers in 2007, compared with 79 cents in 2000. Slight indeed.

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