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Nigerians need help. Urgent help for that matter. A section of the country is being wiped out by terrorists, yet the government seems insensitive.

When I first started talking about the potential for investment and business opportunities in Africa some 20 years ago, I found myself an isolated voice. That turned out to be good for me – and the few others who saw, invested, and reaped wonderful rewards from that potential – but not so good for the continent.

There are many non-Economist Ghanaians who would love to get a glimpse understanding of the country’s economic situation but who have been prevented from doing so, by the jargon-wielding economist community.

The concept of homosexuality is rapidly gaining momentum in Africa. Some believe that since there is no name for a homosexual in most African languages, it seems there were no known homosexuals among our forefathers.

The African elephant carries its pregnancy for as long as 22 months. For a mammal its size, you wouldn’t feel so sorry for it as compared to me suggesting a woman should carry her foetus for almost two years – now that’s a very painful proposition, you will agree.

The late Dr Kwame Nkrumah and many others fought for independence of Africa and got it, but not the independence of Africans.

Divorce can be avoided by those willing to work hard at marriage; those who know how to effectively communicate and those whose expectations are realistic.

Marriage is a whole which means it is a 100 percent sum. So a man and woman coming together should be prepared to drop 50 percent each so as to make up the 100 percent required to make the whole.

During a recent Q & A session at the University of South Wales, Bill Gates sharply criticised Dambisa Moyo’s book “Dead Aid”, and said that such a book “promotes evil”.  

According to Gates, “it depends on your value system, the number of children dying has been cut in half,” adding that having read the book, he realised that Moyo “does not know much about Aid and what it’s doing”.

It is not yet time to celebrate women; a celebration is always justified where there is victory.