Africans, wake up now! - The Africa News


Please check this scenario. A bunch of Africans discover European wealth then invent a tricknology to destroy the European cultures and roots.

They make sure anything Europeans manage alone is totally destroyed and leave them under the same African tyrants "mercy".

Wangui-Munyi-VanselowThey also leave them with education systems and hospitals which will always need African teachers but not to be understood.

The Africans make sure Europeans adopt African names after birth and rename the European mountains, waterfalls lakes, etc., giving them names such as Lake Wangui, Mt. Wangui or any other African name.

These Africans assume Europeans were plain fools before the African man's arrival in Europe.

They divide Europe according to African interests, sensitize these artificial lines to always serve the African purpose.

The Africans then terrorize Europeans, steal their land, burn down their homes rubbishing them as useless huts.

The then introduce slums and camps under African goons but name them NGO's to sound cool and not pay tax as Europe is already conquered by the African man.

They focus on their future generations most. Vaccinate and test shit on Europeans quite regularly ignoring that they don't have enough to eat since they can't farm in the air.

The Africans feed the Europeans with chemicals to make their deaths appear natural while sensitizing imaginary diseases. They let their own spread the word since word of mouth goes further and it's more trusted.

They divide Europeans further with meaningless words like human rights while engaging them with their depopulation tactics. Make sure they work for the African future infrastructures, till their graves while waiting for an African Messiah.

Can the Europeans agree to all that? Can they give you any single chance? Can they take up an African ruling system? Can they let you select leaders for them? Can they allow you to keep their natural resources and give them hand-outs from their own wealth? No wonder they see us as less intelligent or still sub-human.

Africa, that's your current situation, wake up now!! We're the only hope of our ancestors, we're the future of our continent! Wake up!

By Wangui Munyi-Vanselow