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If you are an immigrant in Italy and are planning to travel abroad to spend Christmas holidays with your families and friends, there are some important rules you must be aware of in order to avoid problems at the time of coming back to Italy.

A foreigner living legally Italy whose Permit of Stay expires while abroad can apply for re-entry visa at the Italian Embassy/Consulate in the country where their permit expired.

Since 6th April 2014, foreign nationals in Italy applying for or renewing their expired work permits are issued new permits containing the following phrase: “perm. unico lavoro” (single permit for work). This phrase has been added to all ordinary Permits of Stay entitling their holders to work in Italy.

Question: I’m living in Italy illegally. My girlfriend is from Poland and we would like to get married. Since I’m here illegally, is it possible for us to get married? And in case we can get married, can I apply for the permit? Thank you.

Question: I’ve been working illegally in Italy for the last couple of years. Do you think the government of Italy will soon grant amnesty to irregular immigrants? Thank you.

Question: I’m a Nigerian living in Italy illegally. My fiancée is a British citizen and we have a child. I’d like to find out if we can get married in Italy. Thank you.

If you have legal status in the UK or are a British citizen and are in a stable relationship with someone from outside the EEA (visa national) and you want your partner to come and live with you here on a permanent basis, whether you are married or not, or whether your relationship is opposite or same-sex, your partner may be eligible to apply for a settlement visa.

There’s been a lot of coverage in the news recently about ‘PPI’ (the English abbreviation for Payment Protection Insurance). It has been described as one of the biggest financial scandals in the UK history, but unlike some of the other recent scandals to make the news, this does not concern the super-rich but potentially anyone who has ever had a loan, credit card or mortgage, or has bought anything on credit.

Claims management companies in the UK are regulated by the Ministry of Justice under the Compensation Act 2006, covering personal injury (such as road traffic accidents or accidents at work) and financial compensation claims (such as Payment Protection Insurance).

Should we just send our passports even before Home Office requests for them?

Question: Hi! I am having a bit of problem with the Home Office. I won a case at a Tribunal a few months ago and got a response from the Judge.

We waited to get a response from the Home Office but none came. We wrote to them a few times but still no response.

I am a bit concerned and don’t know what to do. Should I just go ahead and send my passport and that of my wife to the Home Office so they can stamp in the visas or should we just wait? It is causing me great depression. My wife has already lost her job because of the absence of the visa.

Answer: The correct procedure would be to write to the Home Office Presenting Unit to find out the address of the relevant Home Office Appeals Implementation Unit.

We would not advise you to send the passports to the Home Office, without being asked to do so as it is likely that you will not send it directly to the right department and there is therefore a high risk that your passports would be lost.

Question: My visa expired in 2005. I have met so far an asylum seeker who got his Indefinite leave and whose application for British citizenship was accepted. We want to marry here then I can apply for legal stay in UK. We are hesitating to make any further step because of my status. Please help us know what to do. Thank you.

Answer: Since you are in a relationship with a person who has British citizenship you may have the option of regularising your immigration status by way of submitting a settlement application on the basis of your relationship.

However, please note that because your are now an overstayer your settlement application must be submitted from outside the UK - either at British High Commission (BHC) in your home country or at a BHC country outside of the UK where you have a lawful right to reside.

What can I do to regularise my status in the UK?

Question: Hi! I came to the UK for studies but abandoned my studies and failed to renew my visa. I’m now an overstayer. My wife is British. We had a Muslim marriage (NIKKAH) but someone told me that it’s not recognised. What can I do to regularise my status in the UK? Thanks.

Answer: In order for you to regularise your status in the UK, you’ll be required to submit an entry clearance application to the British High Commission in your home country.

As you have now overstayed you unfortunately cannot submit any application whilst still remaining in the UK.

In addition, in order for your marriage to be recognised you would be required to have a registry office marriage either in the UK or abroad.