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A criminal record is a list of crimes for which someone has been previously convicted. A non-EU foreigner in Italy cannot renew his/her Permit of Stay if he has been condemned for some crimes identified by the Immigration Law.

According to Article 4 of the Immigration Law, a foreigner who has been condemned for crimes listed in Article 380 of the Criminal Code such as robbery with violence, or sale of counterfeit goods, cannot renew his/her Permit of Stay even if the person has sufficient income and work contract.

Family members of European Union citizens who are not nationals of the EU must apply for a residence permit for family members of Union citizens (carta di soggiorno per familiare di cittadino UE). This permit is valid for five years from its date of issue.
A family member of EU citizen can be:
- a spouse (wife or husband)
- children aged under 21 years old
- dependent children who are aged over 21 years
- dependent parents

Law Number 94 of 2009, the so-called Security Package introduced several changes to immigration rules. Some of them affect the requirements and family members one can apply for family reunification and family cohesion with. Here are some of the changes.
Amendment to Article 116 of the Civil Code

In order to discourage marriages of convenience between foreigners and Italians, the new law has banned irregular immigrants from marrying in Italy.

According to the Law, a foreigner who has married an Italian citizen can become an Italian citizen. This is valid whether your spouse is an Italian citizen by birth or obtained the citizenship for instance, after being a legal resident for ten years.

This is a right of all spouses of Italian citizens, and it can only be denied to those who have been sentenced for serious crimes either in Italy or abroad. It can also be denied to those who are considered a threat to the national security and public order.

One doesn’t automatically acquire Italian citizenship after marrying an Italian citizen. There are conditions to be met and a procedure to be followed in applying for citizenship.

Question: My nephew who lives in Nigeria is sick and I would like to bring him to Italy for medical treatment because the doctors in Nigeria say they don’t have the required facilities to treat him. What should I do?

Matrimonial property regimes are rules governing the ownership and ways of managing the property of the couple during marriage and when they separate or divorce. Matrimonial property regime also states the rights each spouse has on the property acquired by either of the spouses, or both.