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Question: Hi, I applied for family reunification with my wife some months ago. When I checked online the status of my application, I found the following information "RICHIESTA QUESTURA FAMILIARI". What does it mean? Thanks.

Answer: "RICHIESTA QUESTURA FAMILIARI" means that the Provincial Police Headquarters are verifying if you have a valid Permit of Stay and your criminal records. It also means that they are verifying your wife’s criminal records, and checking if an alert had been issued against her in the Schengen Information System (SIS). This system allows for a fast exchange of data from police and asylum authorities between the participating countries. Those who have been blacklisted in the SIS are normally refused entry to the Schengen territory.  

As soon as the Provincial Police Headquarters will clear your application, the information "RICHIESTA QUESTURA FAMILIARI" will no longer appear when you check the status of your application.