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The number of migrants entering Italy has reached a new record as recent figures from the IOM have shown.

Asylum refugees

More than 170,000 reached Italian soil on this route in 2014, quadruple the previous year and a record annual figure for any country in EU history.

The flow of migrants has grown from a trickle in 2012 to become the most popular path for illegal immigration into Europe, with the balkans route through the hills of Greece, Macedonia and Serbia in hopes of entering the heart of the 28-nation European Union.

Most of these were people fleeing the war in Syria, while others were escaping conflict in Mali, Niger, Libya, Palestine or Eritrea. According to figures provided by IOM, the Italian Navy's Mare Nostrum operation and the Italian coastguard together managed to save over 120,000 lives last year.

The top asylum-seekers in Italy in 2014 were instead from Mali, with 9,800 requests, followed by Nigeria and Gambia.

26th February 2015: European authorities should create safe and legal ways for migrants and refugees to come to Europe, Guglielmo Micucci, the new Director of Amref Health Africa in Italy has said.

16th February 2015: EU’s Operation Triton doesn’t have sufficient and adequate resources to save the lives of migrants and refugees in distress at sea, former Integration Minister Cécile Kyenge has said.

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President Robert Mugabe30th January 2015: “Countries such as the U.S. and Britain have taken it upon themselves to decide for us in the developing world, even to interfere in our domestic affairs and to bring about what they call regime change,” said Robert Mugabe.

Jomo Kenyatta“The basis of any independent government is a national language, and we can no longer continue aping our former colonizers … those who feel they cannot do without English can as well pack up and go,” said Jomo Kenyatta.

A widowed Egyptian mother has been given a 'woman breadwinner' award for her efforts to provide for her daughter Houda and grandchildren following her husband's death.


She sits with men in coffee shops, prays with them in the local mosque and dresses just as they do in pants or a traditional floor-length tunic known as a galabeya. Her name is Sisa Abu Daooh, and many believed she was a man until several weeks ago, when she publicly revealed her 42-year-old secret.

A large part of the reason her story has been so widely accepted by Egyptians is that there is no suggestion that her choice of clothing had anything to do with sexuality issues. Nevertheless, her story has demonstrated how many in Egypt are “pushing at the limits of traditional gender roles,” said Scott Long, a human-rights activist living in Cairo.

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13th February 2015: An eight-year-old Nigerian girl in Germany has a bright future as an artist.

Catalan Islamic Cultural CenterI spent a few hours in a mosque, barefoot, as God commands--or as Allah commands, but the idea that there is more than one God doesn't convince me.