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Government approves Integration agreement

Each immigrant in Italy will soon be required to accumulate at least 30 points by learning Italian language and going for civic education courses, in addition to avoiding breaking the law. Whoever fails to meet these conditions will lose the right to have the Permit of Stay.

These are the basic principles governing the so-called “integration agreement” (accordo di integrazione), which will introduce the point-based Permit of Stay system.

The rule was introduced by the Security Law in 2009, but the government had not prepared the Directive to govern its implementation.

From now on, all illegal immigrants in Italy have a right to celebrate their marriages here, the Constitutional Court has ruled.

The Court declared unconstitutional a law that barred illegal immigrants from marrying in country.

In August 2009, the Italian Government introduced a law banning illegal immigrants in Italy from marrying in the country. The rule which was part of the Security Law, was meant to fight marriages of convenience or sham marriages.

According to Italian law, whoever marries either an Italian citizen or a foreigner who is living legally in Italy acquires the right to live in the country.

Italy and France complied with the EU law while handling the influx of North African migrants earlier this year, the European Commission has said.

Cecilia Malmström, the European Commissioner for Home Affairs, however, regretted that the spirit of the Schengen rules was not been fully respected. “We need to ensure a coherent interpretation and a smooth implementation of the Schengen rules, in a spirit of solidarity and mutual trust,” Commissioner Malmström said. “Schengen and free movement is one of the most tangible, popular and successful achievements of the European project. I will do my utmost to continue to safeguard this achievement and pave the way for the continuous development of the Schengen acquis.”

Both EU citizens and migrants share a number of views on integration, a qualitative Eurobarometer on integration has revealed.

The first ever Eurobarometer on Migrant Integration was conducted in March and April 2011.

EU citizens and migrants agree that in order to make integration work more efforts are needed from the side of governments, migrants and the general public. EU citizens feel that migrants need to be integrated for their country to benefit from immigration.

MEP Mario Borghezio, who sympathised with some of the ideas of Norwegian right-wing terrorist Anders Behring Breivik should be arrested, “Il Futurista” an Italian newspaper, has said.

Mr. Borghezio, who belongs to Italy's rightwing Northern League party, said that some of the ideas Breivik expressed are good. He praised Breivik's idea of opposing Islam, and accusing Europe of not doing enough to fight the spread of Islam.

Last week 101 non-EU irregular immigrants were deported from Italy using different flights, Ministry of Home Affairs has said.

They were mainly Tunisians, Moroccans and Algerians arrested in different parts of Italy.

Last week 106 non-EU irregular immigrants were deported from Italy using different flights, Ministry of Home Affairs has said.

They were mainly Egyptians, Tunisians, and Nigerians arrested in different parts of Italy.