Certificate of suitable accommodation still required - The Africa News


Immigrants who would like to apply for family reunification must apply for certificate of suitable accommodation, Ministry of Home Affairs has clarified.

This is a certificate issued by the competent offices from the City Council of residence or local health offices (ASL), showing that one has suitable accommodation meeting basic health standards established by the Regional laws.

Ministry of Home Affairs has had to make the clarification following confusion that emerged since the Simplification Law entered into force.

The Simplification Law which was approved by Parliament in April 2012, made some changes to immigration rules.

It introduced a rule allowing immigrants to make use of self-certifications in dealings with the public administration and with bodies authorised to provide public services.

Under the new rule, immigrants no longer have to go to one public administration office to obtain information or documents required by another public administration office.

For instance, one no longer has to line up at the City Council office in order to be issued family status certificates, certificates of residence, civil status certificates, etc., if such certificates are required by another public administration office like the Immigrations Office at the Prefecture, Provincial Police Headquarters, INPS, Tribunals, Universities, etc.

The new law requires the public administration offices to carry out the necessary checks or obtain information present in the public registry.

However, Ministry of Home Affairs has made it clear that one cannot self-certify the availability of suitable accommodation. This is because the City Council officers have to inspect the apartment before issuing the certificate of suitable accommodation.