Democratic Party’s Immigration Forum celebrates Italy’s liberation - The Africa News


Democratic Party’s Immigration Forum will take part in the celebrations to mark Italy’s Liberation Day on 25th April 2012.

Marco Pacciotti, Coordinator of the Democratic Party’s Immigration Forum said they’ll be part of the celebrations to underline the new principle of citizenship which is not based on birthright but on living side by side together, and sharing the values of the country’s Constitution.  

Together with representatives of some immigrant communities resident in Italy and associations fighting for social and civil rights of immigrants, Mr. Pacciotti said they’ll participate in the celebrations to honour the values of resistance which enabled Italy to obtain freedom from Fascism and Nazism, and become a democratic country.

Such shared values are indispensable for civil coexistence and in building an open and plural society where diversity is considered wealth and not a reason for exclusion, Mr. Pacciotti said.