Forza Nuova asks Kyenge to go back to Congo - The Africa News


New Force (Forza Nuova), an Italian far-right political party has asked Cécile Kyenge, Minister of Integration to return to the Democratic Republic of Congo where she was born.

The New Force’s supporters displayed a big poster written "Kyenge torna in Congo" (Kyenge go back to Congo) in front of the Democratic Party’s office in Macerata.

The New Force is opposed to Senator Mario Morgoni’s proposal to award Ms. Kyenge honorary citizenship in Macerata. Italian citizenship, the extreme-right party said, cannot be dished out to those who are “alien to our culture”.

It is calling for revision of the Bossi-Fini Immigration Law to allow for immediate expulsion of all non-EU immigrants who commit crimes in Italy.

The party also plans to hold campaigns in Macerata next week against birthright citizenship law.

Ms. Kyenge said such attacks will not stop her from carrying out her work. Asked if she was worried, the minister replied: “Absolutely not.”

She added that in a democratic society, all have a right to express their views.

Ms. Kyenge said they have to work towards approving the new citizenship law. All must be listened to, including those who have opposing views, she said. She however called for a more respectful debate.