Maroni renews call for push-back policy - The Africa News


Roberto Maroni, Secretary General of Northern League Party has renewed calls for the push-back (respingimento) policy of intercepting migrant boats on the open sea and returning them away to their country of origin.

In the last three days about 400 migrants have arrived on the island of Lampedusa.

Mr. Maroni who introduced the push-back policy while Minister of Home Affairs, wrote on his Facebook page that the policy was necessary to stop “the invasion” of immigrants.  

He seems to have forgotten that early this year, the European Court of Human Rights condemned Italy for intercepting at sea and sending back to Libya Somalian and Eritrean migrants who were trying to reach Italy.

The Court ruled that by pushing migrants back to Libya, Italy violated the European Convention on Human Rights and in particular the “non-refoulement principle”, which prohibits returning migrants to countries where they may face persecution or inhuman or degrading treatment.