Renzi calls for birthright citizenship law - The Africa News


Mayor of Florence Matteo Renzi has asked both the Parliament and the government to approve a new birthright citizenship law.

Mr. Renzi made the call yesterday during a ceremony to award citizenship to three Senegalese who were victims of racial attack in Florence in 2011.

On 13th December 2011, Gianluca Casseri, a racist gunman shot dead two Senegalese and wounded three others before committing suicide.

The shootings led to the death of Samb Modou and Diop Mor while Sougou Mor, Mbenghe Cheike and Moustapha Dieng were wounded.

Mr. Renzi said the ceremony was also a way of remembering the late Modou and Mor as members of “our community”.

The City of Florence will continue to ask the government and the Parliament to approve “a new citizenship law based on the jus soli principle,” Mr. Renzi said.

The reform of citizenship law is a current issue which must not only be addressed during tragic or sports events, the mayor said.