Riccardi: Italy still developing its model of integration - The Africa News


Italy doesn’t have its own model of integration of immigrants into the society, Integration Minister Andrea Riccardi has said.

The minister said that the country was still looking for an appropriate model.

So far, immigration has been handled as an “emergency”, he said. Other countries such as France and the Great Britain have had their own models for years Mr. Riccardi said.

He, however, pointed out that the French model doesn’t seem to be effective. The Great Britain’s model seems to be working better, he said.

The minister said that Italy will develop its own model of integration. The first step of that journey will be the launching of a Consultative Body of Religion and Integration which Mr. Riccardi together with the Home Affairs Minister Cancellieri will launch on Monday.

Mr. Riccardi stressed the importance of creating a national Italian identity which he said was necessary in understanding other cultures and integration.

The question of reforming the citizenship law, Mr. Riccardi said, is not part of the government’s program, but must be addressed.