Zingaretti: Guarantee equal rights to all born in Europe - The Africa News


Nicola Zingaretti, President of the Province of Rome has urged European Parliament to push for laws that ensure equal rights of citizenship to all children born in the continent.

Mr. Zingaretti has subscribed to “Whoever is born here belongs here”, a new campaign that calls for a law granting citizenship to all children born in Italy.

He said that he subscribed to the campaign because it is “absurd that two children, who are born in the same country, speak the same language, go to the same school, play and will one day work and pay taxes together, don’t have equal rights.”

Mr. Zingaretti said it was wrong and stupid to only think of managing influx of immigrants and to treat immigration as a security problem.

Such an approach blocks the country from seeing the great potentials of development and social cohesion which can result from integration policies, he said.