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Survey: 10% of Brits only wash bed sheets six times a year

23% only do the laundry when dirt marks start becoming embarrassingly visible

Ten per cent of Brits only clean their bed sheets six times a year, a new research by Indesit has revealed.

Unless the sheets noticeably start to smell, a fifth of Brits wouldn't even consider washing them.

And 23 per cent only do the laundry when the dirt marks become embarrassingly visible.

The average person will tackle the sheets once a fortnight, but only if they no longer smell fresh or look dirty.

The shocking figures emerged in a study of 3,000 people, which also revealed that 92 per cent of people love the feeling of getting into a clean bed, but can't be bothered to put in the leg work.

Four in 10 people say the reason they don't wash the sheets more often is because they get stressed having to re-make the bed.

And 61 per cent rarely iron their sheets if they have made the effort to wash them.

Incredibly three quarters of people polled acknowledged that they should make more of an effort to clean their home - in particular the bedding - more often.

But 49 per cent of Brits would much rather spend their spare time drinking in the pub, and 43 per cent would rather socialise with friends than do housework.

The Indesit study was conducted to mark the launch of the UK's first 'Party Launderette'- a trend which originated in the US.

A spokesman for Indesit said: ''There's no two ways about it - doing your laundry is a chore that has to be done.

''Most Brits would rather be out with their mates or drinking down their local rather than stuck indoors with the washing machine.

''In acknowledgement of this, we are bringing the 'drink and dry' craze from the US to London's East End from the 15th October - giving people the opportunity to get their washing done while partying the night away.''

In addition to cleaning the sheets, the study also shows people are pretty lax when it comes to other household chores.

The average homeowner vacuums just once a week when they can no longer see the carpets under the mud, dust, and food and drink spills.

The average bathroom will only get cleaned once every eight days, regardless of how many people have been using it.

And dust is left to build up on ornaments, side boards and shelving units for over a week.

Even the dishes aren't done as regularly as they should be in most households - as the average person washes up just once a day rather than after every meal.

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