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Pre Match Tension strikes down 13 million men in UK

A quarter of men will forgo making love whilst the World Cup is on

Pre Match Tension (PMT) is seriously affecting the lives of most men in the UK, making at least 58 per cent moody, lying awake at night and having no interest in sex, a new study has revealed.

So serious is the problem that 13 million men across the UK are currently too stressed to sleep as a result of PMT, and are only getting around six hours of sleep per night - which is two hours less than what the sleep experts recommend.

In addition a quarter of men reported they will forgo making love whilst the World Cup is on due to being too stressed about England’s performance.

The survey of 6,000 Britons by hotel chain Travelodge found many men believe the World Cup is one of the most stressful events of their lives. When male respondents were asked to rate important events in their lives against watching England play a World Cup match, 40 per cent stated watching England play is more stressful than going for a job interview.

A quarter of men (25%) reported moving house is easier than watching England play a World Cup game while 15 per cent of men stated watching England play is more stressful than getting married.
Leigh McCarron, Travelodge Director of Sleep said: "All the excitement and hype around the World Cup is clearly taking its toll on British men. Pre-Match Tension can become a serious issue especially if Brits do not top up their sleep quota on a regular basis during the World Cup. A lack of shut-eye can cause irritability and concentration problems making it more stressful to watch World Cup matches. Therefore I would urge Britons to make a concerted effort to get a good night's sleep so that they feel revitalised, resulting in improved physical, mental and emotional health.”

The survey also revealed that since the World Cup started on 11th June 2010, more than half (54 per cent) of British men have dreamt of being an England football player and scoring a winning goal. Fifteen per cent of guys have dreamt of being the England team manager and leading their team to victory by winning the World Cup.

Results also revealed that it is not just women who dream of footballers, 37 per cent of men admitted they had dreamt of Wayne Rooney whilst 35 per cent of chaps stated they have dreamt of Stephen Gerard and 19 per cent of men confessed to dreaming of Frank Lampard since the World Cup started.   

The survey also revealed that a quarter of men have woken up in a cold sweat because they dreamt they had to take a penalty shot for the England football team in a crucial World Cup game.

At the same time, 23 per cent of blokes have recently dreamt of being an England goal keeper and letting the winning goal in from the opposing team in a qualifying World Cup game. 

The World Cup also seems to have made people more religious. The survey revealed that one in ten men have begun praying every night at bedtime since the World Cup started, asking God to help the England team win the World Cup this year. 

The study also investigated how men feel after an England World Cup match. Fifty four per cent of men struggle to get to sleep after watching an England World Cup match because they are too stressed to sleep.

Over a third of men (36 per cent) reported they have trouble sleeping after an England World Cup game because they have drank too much alcohol whilst watching the game in order to steady their nerves.

Thirty one per cent of males find it hard to concentrate at work the day after an England World Cup match due to being too tired.

Fifteen per cent of men will take a day of sick following an England World Cup match because they are too tired to go to work.

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