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■ whole Chicken ( cut into pieces, or preferably wings)
■1/2 tablespoon Red chili pepper
■1/4 tablespoon ground ginger
■1 tablespoon turmeric
■ 1 crushed garlic
■ a pinch salt
■2 tablespoons oil
■ white or black pepper
■ 1/4 cup lemon juice

I was part way through a pretty engrossing novel, with a fast approaching due date for return to my local library, when I stopped to glance through my copy of ‘Love in High Definition: The Diaries of Agnes Trydo’.  My plan was to take a quick look at the contents, flick through some of the text and then come back to it after I had finished my novel.

Mahamris are a speciality at the Kenyan coast. Coastal women prepare them for breakfast or even as an accompaniment for meals like mbaazi or beef stew.

Facebook’s own search engine known as graph search is going to be a recipe for divorce, divorce experts have warned.

With a third of divorce petitions already containing the word Facebook, the authors of a controversial survey in 2009, Divorce-Online, are predicting a huge rise in Facebook instigated divorces around the world as Facebook makes it easier for bored married people to look for illicit fun., a dating website for married people seeking extra-marital affairs, has published a Top 6 Telltale Signs of a Christmas Cheater compiled from the responses of 5,000 of its members who were asked if they had ever been caught cheating over the festive season and if so what gave the game away.

NOW Foundation has launched a new campaign challenging sex stereotypes in advertisements.

Love Your Body campaign illustrates and describes how advertisers and the media enforce unrealistic beauty standards, sexual ideals and gender stereotypes that girls and women are expected to follow. What is the impact of these images?