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“Never ever feel or say you're not good enough”

Petita Mwanza is a model with multiple talents. Apart from her stunning beauty and charm, she is classy, very ambitious, confident, passionate and an easy-going person. Not to mention how good she is in the kitchen.

She had the privileged of becoming Zambia's first ever Supermodel in 2010. Petita believes that life should not be taken too seriously. A sense of humour is essential in facing life’s daily challenges, she says.

Here’s an exclusive interview Petita granted Africa News.

Miss Elegant International founder has a one on one with Pauline Long

She has been in the entertainment and showbiz for only four years, but Theodora Ibekwe has already established and successfully organised the prestigious Miss Elegant International beauty pageant. Pauline Long caught up with this beautiful and unstoppable lady to find out what she’s about and her projects.

Love, believe in yourself and you’ll succeed

For you to be successful in life, you must strongly believe in yourself and your capabilities, says Zambia's Supermodel 2010 Mofya Nickoletta Chisenga.

“The greatest love is loving yourself to the fullest and you will be able to share that love with others. Remember not everyone out there loves you, but you are the best thing that has ever happened to you and you are one in a million because there can never be another you,” says this young, defiant model.

The 2nd annual Miss African Spirit pageant will take place on 25th June 2011 in Milton Keynes.

At a time when pageants are glorified fashion shows, when it seems slimmer, ‘size zero’ models are the order of the day, the Miss African Spirit has challenged that perspective and has proven that indeed size does not matter.

There are no size, height or weight restrictions on the part of the contestants.  There is also no swimwear round.

This year 25 beauty queens living in the UK and representing 11 African countries in Senior (18-30’s) and Junior (14-17’s) categories will take part in the finals. The countries represented include Uganda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Angola, Nigeria, Zambia, South Africa, Equatorial Guinea, Ghana and Namibia.

Be goal-oriented, never give up and believe in yourself!

She is only 19 years old, yet Michelle Jeng is already the holder of the Miss Africa Scandinavia Crown.

The Sweden born Michelle is a student and a model. When you first meet her, you get the impression of having before you a very shy girl, but spend some time with her and you’ll soon notice that she is a very talkative and spontaneous person.

Behind this shy girl is a very ambitious, goal-oriented and determined woman. Michelle is very down to earth, loving and caring person.

Gumisai Makombe has been crowned Miss African Spirit 2011. Gumisai took the crown ahead of 25 other African beauty queens representing 11 countries during the grand finale held on 25th June 2011 in Milton Keynes.

The countries represented this year included Uganda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Angola, Nigeria, Zambia, South Africa, Equatorial Guinea, Ghana and Namibia.

Gumisai, who was born in Harare, Zimbabwe, supports the Girl Child Network Worldwide (GCNW). She is looking forward to hosting a charity fundraising event for GCNW in Birmingham this year.

Organisers of Miss Nubian UK are looking for talented, ambitious ladies of colour who are proud of their Black heritage and who believe they are capable of representing their African or Caribbean country of origin in Miss Nubian UK 2011 Grand Finale to be held in October.

The organisers are looking for ladies who are at least 17 years old, who may not necessary have experience in modelling. The size and height also don’t matter. All finalists will have to attend a series of Pre - Finale Master Classes.